historyFounded in 1972 by Dr. Tom Smoot, Kor-Chem was first established as a water treatment and cleaning chemical manufacturing company. Kor-Chem quickly gained a strong reputation for quality products and service, being recognized several times by U.S. Defense Supply Center (DSCR) as a Gold Medal supplier. Building upon these successes, Kor-Chem then began to grow into other market segments such as foodservice and automotive aftermarket products.

In 2001, Kor-Chem was acquired by John Fitzwater and family. With many years of corporate specialty chemical experience, Mr. Fitzwater brought a passion and focus on product innovation and technology development. This is especially true in the area of coating chemistry where Kor-Chem greatly increased its’ presence with many successful specialty coating product lines.

Kor-Chem acquired the PneumaSeal products business from Pneumateck Industries in 2005. PneumaSeal, the original tire sealant, uses patented technology that prevents and fixes flats in any pneumatic (air-filled) tire. PneumaSeal has international distribution and served to further expand and diversify Kor-Chem’s customer base and product offerings.

Turning its’ focus to the graphic arts industry in 2006, Kor-Chem acquired LCM, Inc. a distributor of screen printing chemicals and supplies and again in 2008 when it acquired Sundry Tech Inc. a wholesale distributor of screen printing chemistry. These acquisitions served as base for Kor-Chem’s rapid expansion of environmentally preferred screen printing chemistry products.

To continue the trend expansion in graphic arts, Kor-Chem acquired Brewers Printing Ink of Georgia in 2012 and TW Graphics Florida/J&S Inks in 2015.  Both companies had been successfully serving their markets for over 30 years.  These acquisitions fully integrated Kor-Chem as a graphic arts resource, created additional manufacturing facilities and expanded the capabilities to ink, adhesive and pigment dispersion manufacturing for flexographic and screen printing applications.

Today, Kor-Chem, Inc. continues to innovate as a growing leader in formulating and manufacturing specialty chemical solutions. The already impressive portfolio includes over 2000 products in institutional cleaners, industrial products, printing inks and cleaners, coatings, adhesives and pigment dispersions. Kor-Chem moves forward with a relentless commitment to delivering customers innovation, dedicated service and customized solutions.