Corrosion Guard

Protective Metal Coating

Corrosion Guard is a unique waterborne coating that when applied to air conditioners and refrigeration units will help protect the metal surface from the damaging effects of water, UV light and salt spray.  Corrosion Guard is environmentally friendly, nonflammable and nontoxic.  The coating quickly dries to form a durable, flexible clear coating that expands and contracts with the metal.  This coating works by forming an impervious resistant barrier that prevents moisture from coming into contact with metal surfaces.  The Corrosion Guard coating also incorporates anti-deposition technology that resists contaminant deposits and reduces the frequency of coil cleaning.  Corrosion Guard can easily be applied by airless sprayer, pump-up sprayer, trigger sprayer, brush, roller and dip applications right on site, with no need to ship the coils away to be coated.



When surfaces are properly cleaned and prepared, Corrosion Guard will:

•  Significantly extend the life of the HVAC/R unit.

•  Tightly bond to metal surfaces and provide excellent corrosion protection & resistance.

•  Help maintain energy efficiency.

•  Resist contaminant build-up and re-deposition.

•  Decrease maintenance expenses and replacement part costs.


Provides Protection Against

Salt spray, salt water, high humidity, acid rain, UV light, chlorine, acids, alkalis and other corrosion inducing agents.


Approved Applications

Coastal or marine environments, airports, oil refineries, paper mills, chemical plants, and manufacturing plants, water and wastewater treatment facilities, industrial warehouses, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, universities,  restaurants, bakeries, government and public buildings, residential homes and other potentially corrosive environments.



Product Information

Corrosion Guard Tech Sheet
Corrosion Guard Applications
HVAC Product Brochure





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