Dri Rite

Premium Machine Rinse Additive

Dri Rite is a highly concentrated formula for machine dishwashing that includes a blend of non-foaming synthetic surfactants that aid in drying and rinsing. Dri Rite lowers the surface tension of water and allows the water to rapidly run-off and drain completely from surfaces. The end result is high speed drying, sparking glasses and spot free wares. Dri Rite is a concentrated and cost effective solution, thus only a small amount is necessary to yield spot-free and film-free wares. Dri Rite does not harm plastics and works great on all hard surfaces. Effective in hard water and at all temperatures. Dri Rite also inhibits starch build-up on tumblers.  Also, the bright blue color of Dri Rite makes it easy to identify in injectors and pump lines.

Product Information

Dri Rite Tech Sheet
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