EM-600 Mesh & Frame Adhesive

Cyanoacrylate Super Glue 

EM-600 Heavy Medium glue is an ethyl cyanoacrylate super glue that possesses a syrup-like viscosity that gives users sustained control on each drop of glue. The “heavier” medium glue is used for bonding and repairing.  EM-600 Heavy Medium glue is specially formulated to have an extended curing time that lengthens positioning time for more precise bonding. Depending on the material to be bonded and the volume of adhesive used, bonding time may reach up to one minute. In all such instances,  Accelerator is recommended to speed up bonding time.  High performance industrial grade adhesive bonds and repairs with each non-runny drop.

Great for heavy-duty bonding required for screen printing mesh framing, bonding close-fitted parts, and repairs requiring longer positioning time.

Viscosity: 600 cPs (meaning the thickness of the liquid is similar to that of syrup). Penetrating abilities of up to 0.008″ in size.

Bonding time: 30-40 seconds.

When well kept, our product can last several years in a cold environment. Just make sure to store the bottle under 40°F before AND after use and product will have a 20 month shelf life.


Product Information

Screen Printing Glue:
Compatible with screen fabric and frames

Slow Flow Formula:
Syrup-like thickness provides better coverage

Strong Permanent Bond:
Create strong high quality bonds

Screen Printing Chemistry Brochure



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