Kleen Strike

Heavy Duty Granular Floor Cleaner

Kleen Strike is a heavy duty, concentrated, granular cleaner designed for the removal of dirt, grease and oil from concrete floors.  Kleen Strike is non-dusting and is easily spread onto the area which must be cleaned.  Formulated to be hard working, Kleen Strike may be used even on severely soiled floors with minimum effort.  Formula contains a mixture of alkaline detergents, dispersants, wetting agents, emulsifiers and grease-cutting solvents.  When used as directed, Kleen Strike has a mildly abrasive action when scrubbed to provide deep cleaning of surfaces.  Kleen Strike is non-acid, free-rinsing and environmentally acceptable when washed to the drain.   For use in a wide range of fleet, automotive and industrial applications.  Kleen Strike is a yellow-orange colored product that turns green when wetted on the floor.

Dilution: 0.25 lbs. per 3 gallons


Product Information

Kleen Strike Tech Sheet
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