KorSperse Pigment Dispersions & Colorants

The Kor-Chem Graphic Arts Division has a long history of manufacturing high quality pigment dispersions and liquid color concentrates. Starting out with humble beginnings and the production of NC dispersions, the product line has expanded over the years to include a wide range of applications. Today, the KorSperse product line includes liquid dispersions for automotive coatings, printing inks, industrial coatings, fibers, digital printing, packaging, flooring, exterior construction, PVC films & sheets, packaging and consumer goods and many other markets.

In addition to our standard offerings, Kor-Chem thrives on providing customized solutions that meet and exceed the needs of our customers. By working closely with our customers, we can jointly define the standards and specifications required for new or changing applications. Whether it is for a new application or with an innovative KorSperse product, we are here to provide you with solutions for all of your colorant needs.


Product Information

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