Citrus Solvent, Cleaner and Emulsifier

OrangeSolv is a concentrated citrus solvent and cleaner.  OrangeSolv is a safe all natural blend of citrus solvents, hard working degreasers and emulsifiers used to destroy oil, grease and slime build-up and eliminate malodors.  Contains no petroleum distillates or chlorinated solvents.  OrangeSolv may be used safely in a wide range of applications including drains, sinks, toilets, dumpsters, grease traps, concrete, tools, grills, machinery, carpets, tiles, graffiti, adhesive removal, removing decals and much more.

Dilution: 1-7 oz. per gallon depending on the application.  Ready to use for clogged drains and glue removal.

Product Information

OrangeSolv Tech Sheet
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