pH Lower

Liquid pH Decreaser

This product is a clear liquid, buffered, low pH compound designed to lower pH in swimming pools and spas.  Maintaining proper pH in pool and spa water is crucial for the overall safety of swimmers, protection of the circulation and filtration equipment, protection of the surfaces of both pools and spas as well as the effectiveness of chlorine and bromine.  Too high a pH will corrode metals, irritate the nose, throat and eyes of swimmers and not allow chlorine and bromine to do the disinfecting job they are designed to do in the most effective way.  pH Lower is designed to help you bring the pH down easily without the fumes and danger of “flashback” often experienced with muriatic acid.   Use pH Lower as the safe replacement for muriatic acid.

Dilution: 24 oz. per 10,0000 gallons.

Product Information

pH Lower Tech Sheet
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