Pink Scrub

Abrader, Degreaser & Dehazer

Pink Scrub is a super thick dehazer and degreaser that works on all types of screen inks.  The thick paste formulation of Pink Scrub allows the product to spread easier than most products.  This ability to spread and flow permits Pink Scrub to more efficiently enter the mesh knuckles with less effort and time.  Pink Scrub begins to “work” on contact to remove ghost image stains, fabric oils and residues which will interfere with the emulsion coating.  The low foaming formulation requires less time to rinse and reduces the chance of residual chemical being left on the screen.  Using Pink Scrub will properly prepare your screen for emulsion coating and help reduce issues such as fish-eyes and pin-holes.


Product Information

Pink Scrub Tech Sheet


Pink Scrub Flyer


Screen Printing Chemistry Brochure


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