Heavy Duty, High Speed Manual Siphon Pump


  • Drains up to 1 pint per 3 strokes Delivery , Volume : About 21 liter / Min
  • Total Length: 45.7″ , Suction tube Length: 33.6″ , Discharge Tube Length: 46.4″
  • Suction tube and Discharge Tube Inner Dia: .79″


This Siphon Pump offers an easy and efficient way of draining and transferring water from your storage barrel.  This pump is made of non corrosive and non toxic plastic material construction and is light weight.  Use this product also for Petroleum products, light oils, kerosene, diesel oils, toluene, deodorants, corrosives, chemical Insecticides, soaps, detergents, mild acids, anti-freeze, liquid waxes, thinner, gasoline, water, etc.