Pool Kleen

Pool Cleaner & Renovator

Pool Kleen is a safe and economical method of preparing the swimming pool of painting and the new season.  It is a safer, inhibited, acidic detergent that replaces dangerous muriatic acid.  Pool Kleen removes scum, body oils, film and algae staining that have been allowed to accumulate on swimming pool surfaces during the winter season.

Pool Kleen can be used with safety because it contains no ingredients that will cause harm or danger to swimmers or bathers, when used as directed, and it has no harsh odors that are associated with acid products.  Pool Kleen is economical to use and can eliminate the need to repaint the pool at the beginning of every swimming season.  It can also be used as a regular maintenance product for the cleaning of ceramic tile coping around the pool and spot cleaning the pool without emptying the pool of water or bathers.

Dilution: 32 oz. per gallon.

Product Information

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