Tigerclean Screen Developer

Automatic Screen Developing System

InPro TigerClean screen developing machines provide the perfect solution for automating the screen developing process. The TigerClean developing series are fully automated systems  that provide an excellent washout solution for a  wide variety of designs from very fine detail to wide areas of emulsion. TigerClean developing machines feature dual pressure rinse jets for the highest degree of reproducibility and dependable results.


Simplicity in Performance


TigerClean Developer Series Features:

  • Fully automatic screen developing solution
  • Closed process chamber eliminates water  vapour in screen room
  • Rubber flaps aid in screen drying process  without damaging emulsion
  • Highest safety and complete CE-safe
  • Simple design and easy to use and maintain
  • Heavy duty machines are rugged and consistently produce dependable quality screens
  • Modular systems which can be upgraded  when needed
  • Environmentally friendly and provide safe  working conditions for employees


TigerClean Screen Developer In-line with VLUX LED Exposure Unit


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Product Information

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