Vanish-O Jasmine

Heavy Duty Odor Eliminator

Vanish O is a highly concentrated blend of surface-active agents that works to not only to mask malodors, but actually destroys the odor producing source.  Vanish O is formulated with biodegradable components that encapsulate and neutralize odors from organic matter, thus eliminating the root cause of any noxious odors.  It is effective as a fine spray or mist and will attack even the most volatile malodors, including smoke damaged areas.  Even though the active agents are virtually odorless, a pleasant fragrance is added merely as an easily identifiable indication that the Vanish O is present and being applied.  Spray Vanish O anywhere malodors are a problem.

Dilution: 1-2 oz. per gallon depending on the application.

Product Information

Vanish O Jasmine Tech Sheet
Water Soluble Deodorizer Brochure
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