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Do you have a unique application but just can’t seem to fit the right product to make it work? That’s where Kor-Chem can help. We love to partner with companies and develop custom solutions that helps solve a problem or fit a new application.

Our product development services combine innovative thinking with technical expertise and the ability to custom design solutions to meet your specifications. A strong commitment to product functionality, performance and quality is at the core of our product development process. The experience and vast product knowledge of our Research and Develop team enable us to formulate a wide range of products from coatings and adhesives to cleaners, disinfectants and more.

Throughout the product development process and product lifecycle we maintain precise historical records on revision control. In concert with our custom design and development program, we offer integrated manufacturing with advanced capabilities for a streamlined approach that reduces the time from concept to market.

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A persistent corrosion problem leads to at technology breakthrough

Soft metals such as aluminum and copper are very susceptible to pitting, oxidation and corrosion that wear away the metal and reduce its useful life. When these soft metals are repeatedly exposed to various environmental conditions, such as acid rain or salt spray, the corrosion and subsequent deterioration can be accelerated.

That is exactly what one prominent heating and air conditioning manufacturer had been experiencing with their air conditioning condensing units in coastal environments. Even though the units were new and featured pre-painted aluminum coils, the units would prematurely deteriorate and fail due to salt spray corrosion forming on the aluminum and copper parts. Unable to find a way to prevent the corrosion or stop the units from rapidly failing, they turned to us to help them develop a solution.

The research team at Kor-Chem has many years experience with anti-corrosion coatings, but the special challenge was the unique application factors that needed to be considered. The formulation had to ensure great adhesion, flexibility, durability without affecting the heat transfer of the coils and of course protect them from corrosion in a multitude of environments.

The result was a breakthrough in coating technology that yielded the unique product Corrosion Guard. This flexible water borne coating expands and contracts with metal, maintains energy efficiency and offers long lasting protection from the damaging, corrosive effects of water, UV light, salt spray and more. Corrosion Guard also incorporates anti-deposition technology that resists contaminant deposits and reduces the frequency of coil cleaning.

Today Corrosion Guard is even able to be field applied on the consumer level and continues to offer superior protection and extend the life of HVAC units.

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