Dispensing made simple.

Whether you are opening a new shop or have been in business for years, the age old adage is true… time is money. Kor-Chem’s automated dispenser programs are designed to save you both by streamlining operations, reducing inventory, improving color consistency and increasing employee safety.

Ink Helper Formulating & Weighing System

The answer to the flexographic printer’s need for a simplified solution to computerize the color formula database.
Lower your ink spend and reduce operational costs by blending your own spot and process colors with Ink Helper, mix only what you need and when you need it.

Key Benefits of Ink Helper

  • Reduced material inventory
  • Repeatable batch to batch consistency
  • Full inventory control
  • Work off and material re-work tools
  • Factory grade digital scale
  • Integrated printer and widescreen monitor
  • Extensive reporting features for job costing, material usage and more
  • On-site installation and training available
  • Continuous service warranty and support

Download Ink Helper Specification Sheet

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Chemical Pump & Dispensing Systems

Occupational safety is an important issue and a major concern in production environments. At Kor-Chem, we formulate our products to be highly efficient but also make them as safe as possible to use. We believe that safety always comes first, so we have taken another step forward and designed our chemical dispensing systems to be closed metering systems that reduce the operator’s chemical contact.

When it comes to chemical dispensing, one size does not fit all. Let us perform an on-site facility audit and we will customize a chemical dispensing solution to fit your facility needs.

Key Benefits of Kor-Chem’s chemical pump systems

  •  Reduces personnel exposure to chemicals
  •  Decreases chemical waste
  •  Increases operational efficiency
  •  Compatible with multiple chemical types
  •  Factory grade, non-electric pumps
  •  Spray systems, fill stations and more available
  •  On-site installation and training available
  •  Ongoing support

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